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50+34 KFC Double Down is a Double Downer

I do not normally do Product reviews on my Personal Blog, I have another blog site Oshawa Ogre’s Views, News & BBQ’s in which I do reviews but they are more BBQ related ans this being Fried Chicken, I decided to post it here.

Yesterday I was in a hurry going from computer supplier to computer supplier trying to find a new laptop for my son, as the mother board fried on his and is not worth fixing. As I was driving in Toronto I was getting hungry and was looking for something quick that I could eat and get on my way.

Oh would you look at that there is a KFC/Taco Bell combo restaurant, and they have the new Double Down that I had heard so much about. So I park the car and venture inside.

First off I had not seen KFC and Taco Bell combined into one store before, they were not side by side it was actually both chains linked (yup pun intended) together 1 cash and the counter help had both logos on their shirts.

So I ordered the Double Down which has just been added to the menu here in Canada after starting first in the US of A.

The counter person told me that the Double Downs were flying out the door, so my anticipation grew.

here is what the Double Down looked like when I opened the box in my car.

First Impression was ….. Big deal! Sheesh, underwhelming to say the least. I found it to taste ok, but the Chicken was rather bland and dwarfed in size compared to what you see in the ads, and the bacon was just so so, The sauce and cheese tasted alright. I think that they would be better off to give the Double Down a few seconds in a warming oven or dare I even say it Microwave¬† to melt the cheese a little and keep the bacon warm.

I agree with some other people that I have talked to that have tried the Double Down that it is a little heavy on the salt use as well.

On a small plus side, since there is no bun they at least put the DD in a paper sleeve so that you can hold it a little easier, I did not find the DD to be greasy at all but One thing about this is that because they are using boneless chicken breasts I found the meat to be dry. I have always found the KFC that you eat off the bones to be juicier. Though when I am in the mood for Fried Chicken I tend to visit Mary Browns more often.

KFC will for a while at least take some business away from Mary Browns because of this promotion that has everyone talking, but when the Hype subsides I do not think it will be a huge item any longer.

I would rather have that as a regular sandwich in a bun, if I was to want want at all, I think the whole campaign is more hype than substance, but if KFC could get everyone in the North America to try it once it would still make them a fortune so I guess I can see why they did it.

Before you go click on this link here for a really catchy song about a guy that just loves his chicken and he is willing to do a smash and grab to get it lol