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50+194 Coolio goes to the Blue Jays Home Opener with my sister and I

This year the Toronto Blue Jays Home Opener was on Friday April 1st…. no foolin’!

I had dropped Coolio off at ……..

Coolio, loves BBQ too!

Wait first maybe I should tell you who Coolio is.

When I went on my Southern Expedition I was doing the drive alone, so I thought it would be Cool to bring a few furry friends along for the ride and take pictures with them throughout the trip, more of a gag than anything else. but it has morphed into a fun little diversion from life itself that sometimes likes to kick your ass.

And to go back a little further I found Coolio and the Gang when I was doing some Christmas shopping in a neat Warehouse Liquidation type place in Scarborough, Ontario and I only paid $1.00 a piece for them. Thus Coolio and the Gang were born.

When I got back from Florida I even made Coolio his own facebook page so that anyone could track his adventures and see the trouble that he gets himself into.

Anyways let us get back to today’s story.

last week I needed to visit a supplier in Mississauga, just down the street from where my sister worked and Coolio was in my car and Regina had made a few comments in the past about Coolio and the fact that she was following his adventures so I thought she would like to see him in person.

I drove into her works parking lot and called her from my cell and asked her to meet me at the front door. She said come on in I am in the lobby and I walked up to the door and it was locked. I phoned her back and told her and she said I guess I did not tell you that we moved our office over a year ago!.


Well after getting directions it turns out she was only 5 minutes away so I dropped by the new place and surprised her with Coolio and said she could keep him for a week til we would get together at the Toronto Blue Jay’s Home Opener on April 1st

She embraced the spirit of what Coolio was ll about and took pictures of him getting in trouble at her work  which you can see here and here.

Wilfred Reinke with his sister Regina Divine along with Coolio at the Blue Jays Season opener April 1st 2011

So Friday night was a blast where the Blue Jays destroyed the Twins 13-3 and I had my hands full trying to keep up with Coolio as he wanted explore the Rogers Centre and get himself in some trouble here and there.

If you would like to check out Coolio’s day at the ball park you can check out his photo albums here, and if you like what you see, please leave some comments and ask to be friends with my little buddy, There will be many more adventures.


50+164 Some bookkeeping from my Southern Expedition 2011

First off I need to say sorry to my readers that I have not been keeping up with my so called daily blog as it has been about 3 weeks since my last post.

Between getting caught up around the house and my business and also finding time to review products for my BBQ blog this page had found itself on the back burner.

I will try to keep this page as active as I can in the future.

Today I sat down with all of my fuel receipts from my Southern Expedition and did some accounting work with them.

I had not driven down south since the 1993 and of course since then fuel costs have been a lot higher than at that time and the past few years I had taken a big bird to go visit my parents in Florida. A single Airfare to Florida return would cost in the area of $300.00

But since I was doing a BBQ tour on the way with stops in NC, Georgia and a few spots in Florida along with the fact I had  my Masterbuilt smoker to pick up, driving down made a lot of sense.

I really enjoyed the drive, yes I was alone in the car but with the tunes rockin’ and no one along to slow me down or try to speed me up, it was very enjoyable.

Here is my Fuel Expenses for the trip in my 2003 VW Jetta TDI, being a Diesel the economy was excellent except in the mountains where my Turbo boost shut down due to the high altitude.

Not to confuse you all, but in Canada we are using the metric system so there are some calculations done.

1 mile = 1.61 km

1 US Gallon = 4.5 litres

But as you can see I did put totals for  miles, km’s, Litre’s and Gallons

And here are some screen shots from my GPS after I got back home to Oshawa after the trip.

It should be noted that I had reset the trip stats on the GPS just after I started my trip so the km do not quite add up.

and if your wondering about the very very high Max Speed on the GPS, that was when I took my GPS on an airplane 2 years ago, and I will not be resetting the max speed on my GPS since I think that is so cool 🙂

50+124 So Glad to Meat y’all

During my trip to Florida I had the chance to meet some great BBQ peeps that I have had the pleasure to chat with over the past year or so.

My first stop on the way in to the fun in the sun was Salisbury North Carolina where I was so happy to meet a lady (and her fam) that has inspired me to become the BBQ writer that I am becoming. Cyndi Allison is a teacher that uses her BBQ and Cooking blogs more as a hobby rather than a full time gig but she is excellent at her craft.

Cyndi Allison & son Eli on Left, Eli's dad and myself on other side at Winks BBQ

Cyndi has two sons Caleb (who was away at school) and Eli pictured sharing a meal with us that is a local hero that savea young man from drowning at the Bull Hole a year and a half ago, Eli received many awards for his bravery, but beside that he is a great kid that never fails to make his momma proud.

This is the famous Bull run where Cyndi's son Eli saved a young boys life!

Here is Eli at the Bull Hole but the water is very low now compared to that day a year and a half ago.

Eli’s Dad Jimmy was kind enough to drive them and the smoker I won through Cyndi’s blog Barbecue Master to my room at the Days Inn (Salisbury NC) and then drive us around town for a tour of the great town and point out some places of interest including eateries and historic buildings.

The next day Cindy, Eli and myself met up with John Sherwood aka Sir PorkaLot on twitter along with Wayne Brown that uses the name BrownKW on twitter.

We met at what may well just be one of the most popular BBQ joints in the country Lexington #1 in North Carolina.

John Sherwood aka SirPorkaLot with his son

Wayne Brown and his Peach Cobler

The six of us enjoying 3 hours of good times at Lexington BBQ

We all had such a laghing good time, with lots of blog material for all.

A couple of days later I traveled to Fitzgerald Gerogia to spend an evening with Micheal and Steph Baxter of the Pemium Smoking Wood company Baxter’s Original and soon to be Competition BBQ team.

Michael and Stephanie Baxter of Baxter's Original, helping me drink the Carolina Blonde's that Cyndi passed my way.

Michael Baxter and I with the smoker built on a 1950 Ford Pick-up

Michael points out his buddy Glen that is the master welder that put together the 1950 smoker above

The Baxters were very kind to put me up for the night and we had a great time during my visit before I carried on to see my Parents in Fort Myers Florida. I have to say that I have not had so much fun as I had with these other BBQ folks. They made me laugh but I also repect them all for the people that they are, each having special qualities.

I have to say that the person that coined the phrase “Southern Hospitality” came up with something that describes all of these people to a tee!

I never felt so at home though before this day I never had met any of them in person before.

As any of my other friends that have in interst in BBQ already know the members of the BBQ community are an amazing group that will go to the wall for you, and I for them too.

50+80 I’ve got mail! January 25th, gonna be a great night

In the mail today arrived my ticket for the Leafs game against Tampa Bay on January 25th, I am pumped for this, since I have not been to a live Leafs game since 1977 or 78 when I went to a game in Buffalo. This will be one of the highlights of my trip 7 weeks from today, Go Leafs Go!

50+50 Thinking of my dad and hoping he is ok

This morning I talked to my dad on the phone from Florida and he mentioned he felt funny the night before, like he was drunk and his right hand felt strange., but then he felt better and thought he would visit the Doctor on Monday just to get checked out.

But that plan changed around 1pm today when he was having trouble with his speech and swallowing so he went to the Hospital this afternoon, as of this writing I am still waiting on word on his condition.

Nothing confirmed as of yet but it is sounding more and more like a possible stroke.

My dad has always been very healthy and he is very active at 79 years of age, Never had to spend a day in hospital and checkups always great, so this is a shocker to me.

Right now all I can do is wait to hear news, Anyone reading please take a moment to think of good thoughts for my father.


As of 9pm, Dad is back home still not feeling good but Hospital did not think stroke, gave him phone # for a specialist to see in the morning.

so it will be a wait and see what Monday brings.