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50+36 Multiple Birthday Celebrations

Today is a Day that I am worn out, why you may ask?

This week-end has included Birthdays and Parties and not to mention trying to get some work done for a customer that I need to deliver on Monday morning.

Today three people that I am close to for different reasons are celebrating birthdays today, and I would like to take a minute to wish all of them a Happy Birthday and tell you all a bit about them.

Andrew Kevin Lang

Andrew is my daughters boyfriend, he is a very tall boy that has to duck in order to go through a lot of doorways and because of his height he has trouble finding a vehicle that he can drive without banging his knees on the dash board.

The last car that he was able to drive was a 1987 Honda Civic 2 door. He enjoys most of my BBQ recipes that I attempt, which makes him ok in my books.

He is adored by my Grandson and he also likes to play a game that I also play and have since 2003. Happy 24th Birthday Andrew!

Joe Simeunovich

Joe has been a friend of min since the early 1980’s I met Joe when he was a customer of mine when I joined the paper Shoppe and I sold paper and Graphic Arts Supplies to his company Joe S. Printing here in Oshawa, Joe just turned 50 years old today so as you can see Joe and I are the same age.

Joe also shares my passion for BBQ and he joins me on many of my trips to various RibFests in Ontario.

No one else would understand it but we both laugh anytime one of us says to the other “Skeeeee Dooooo Boots”

Cyndi Allison

Cyndi lives in the far far away land that is known as North Carolina and you may wonder why I would add some one that is so far from here in Oshawa.

When I started blog writing earlier this year and became more serious about the fun hobby of Barbecue, I learned a lot of tips about both skills by following the writings of this wonderful person.

Cyndi has been an online writer for more than 10 years producing work for a number of websites doing contract work for others and also managing her own website Yes! You can Cook and also a Blog called the Barbecue Master. I have learned some valuable skills by reading her work and testing some of her Southern based recipes such as her Southern Rhubarb Bread Recipe – Mountain Style and Bisquick Sausage Balls Recipe among others which I have found on her website or she has sent me a link for.

The now 49 year old Cyndi is a mother of 2 wonderful boys Caleb and Eli that would make any parent proud just recently Eli was presented with a number of awards for saving a boy from certain demise from a swollen fast moving river sacrificing his own safety to help his fellow man.

Cyndi has taught me a lot about writing and food prep not to mention also being a good friend on twitter and facebook.

When not involved with on-line writing Cyndi is a professor at Catawba College molding the youth in North Carolina in media.


I should also mention one more person that had a birthday the day before on Saturday but I have to make mention of this now 15 year old Girl that has inspired so many people while she battles IBD.

Alyssa Benedet

Ally as she is called by all of her family and friends has been spending a ton of time in Hospitals of late battling her disease. She is currently in Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital with her amazing mother Susan Oliver Benedet that stays by her daughters side through every treatment 24/7.

Saturday was Ally’s 15th Birthday and Sick Kids was kind enough to let Ally go home on a 4 hour day pass to celebrate her Birthday with family and friends in her own home, I would think that was the biggest gift of the day to be sure. If you have a facebook account please take a moment to join Ally’s Prayer page linked here and offer her a few words of encouragement  or even a riddle or brainteaser for her to try to solve, her family would be very happy to hear from y’all.

To all four of my friends I offer the best of birthday greetings and hope that all of your wishes come true.