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50+14 Beaverbrae Ship Reunion in Kitchener

This is a picture taken by a friend of my Father and he thinks it was in Quebec Canada July 1st 1954, That is my dad standing next to the car

When I started this Personal Blog one of the first pictures I uploaded to it was a picture of my Father standing beside a Ship called the Beaverbrae. It was June 22nd 1954 that my 23 year old dad left Bremen Germany to immigrate to Canada Aboard the Beaverbrae, Canadian Pacific which owned the ship,  worked with the International Refugee Organization and the Canadian Christian Council for the Relief of Refugees to bring people from Germany to start new lives here in Canada.

My dad came ashore in Quebec July 1st 1954 alone and then was transported to Orangeville, Ontario before settling in Milton. My Mother and 1 year old Sister came over on another ship 3 months later after my Father got situated.

By digging into that did I start? When I looked closely at the photo I saw the Ships name Beaverbrae and decided to google it and I found plenty of websites that talked about the ships history and some of its passengers. I printed off some of the pages and showed them to my Father as he is a bit of a history buff and I thought it would be of interest to him.

And interested he was, he had never thought of looking up the ship himself. My dad does use a computer to look up stock prices and some surfing but it is a very slow process as he is still on dial-up internet, which he says is fine for someone retired since he has all day to watch pages load as fast as Lava flows in Hawaii. But to make this story even more interesting less than a week later, My father is reading the local German Newspaper Deutche Presse from September 22 2010 and low and behold on page 5 there is a story about the Beaverbrae

Note… as with all of my blog photos you can click on them with your mouse and view the picture full size

I should note that I found an error in the above article saying that the ship was scrapped in the 1970’s which is not true, it was seaworthy til 1997 when after a fire in the control room passengers were evacuated and the ship towed to port and partially scrapped in 1999 My Father asked me if I would go with him to the reunion,and I thought that it would be very interesting to go to so I agreed.

The reunion was held at the Bethel Church listed in the article above. Today’s event was from 1pm to 5 pm and we arrived at 3 pm.

It was a 2 day event Saturday & Sunday.

My father signing in at the reunion

Below are some various pictures I took from the Beaverbrae Memorabilia Tables.

There was nothing from my fathers trip but we did find it interesting.

Again if there are any pictures here that you want to see bigger just click on it with your mouse.

Here are some photos of the people that attended the event today, the basement of the church was packed and standing room only. Although my father was not a fan they had some singalongs going on for most of the time we were their. My dad would of rather had some one on ones with some of the other guests but the music and singing made that difficult. So we only stayed maybe an hour.

Though not what my father expected or would of liked but he told me he was glad to have attended.

Here are some interesting facts about the Beaverbrae Ship

The Beaverbrae was built as the Huascaran for the Hamburg America Line by Blohm and Voss, Hamburg in 1938. She was built as a 10,480 gross ton ship with a length of 487.5 foot by beam, 60.3 foot, one funnel, one mast single screw and a speed of 17 knots. There was accommodation for 32 passengers.

Purchased by Canadian Pacific on September 2, 1947, she was renamed Beaverbrae and rebuilt to 9,034 gross tons, one funnel, two masts and with cabin accommodation for 74 passengers and dormitory accommodation for a further 699.

The Beaverbrae made her last voyage when she left Bremen on July 28, 1954. which meant that My fathers voyage was the second last trip made by the Beaverbrae.

Interesting as well that when the Ship sailed west to Canada it carried immigrants  and refugees but when traveling east to Germany it carried only Cargo.

A one way trip took 8 days.

Ships Names….

  • Huascaran 1938
  • Beaverbrae 1948
  • Aurelia 1954
  • Romanza 1970
  • Romantica 1991-99

Here are some of the best photos I found of the Beaverbrae online, including some when she was burnt out in 1997 when she was called the Romantica.

If after all of that your still interested in this, here are a couple of links that I found to Websites that go into much more detail abut the ship and her voyages.


Our Immigration to Canada on the ship ‘BEAVERBRAE’

(written by someone that we do not know, not my family)