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50+30 Another hospital stay for Ally Benedet

Ally Benedet the daughter of Susan Oliver Benedet once again is in hospital with IBD issues. I am hoping that this will be a short stay this time.

Mom had a health issue of her own this week when she broke her toe running up a set of stairs. But the last thing she wanted was to go to the hospital for that. Susan says her toe is getting better every day

I know that some of my readers may not know these fine people other than when I wrote about them in this post on October 5th 50+17 but I am sure that they would appreciate some well wishes at a Prayer for Ally Facebook Page. The page is open for anyone to enter, so please make a little girls day and visit her prayer page and leave some well wishes. Nothing breaks my heart more than to see children with health issues being robbed of some of their childhood having to deal with these things, and of course her family as well that makes all of the sacrifices to be with her and support her.

This was Ally in an earlier Hospital stay along with a resident

Today I had my what is now a once monthly visit to my Chiropractor, I must say that starting to go to see him a couple months back was a well worth my while  since I feel much better than I have in a year or two. If you do not know the story of my back you can read it here.

Today’s appointment, the Dr. had another patient so while I waited he put me in a room and strapped me to a table that while I laid on my belly it with the aid of a motor lowers my legs and raises them again and again, stretching out my spine, that table kept bending me for about 10 minutes or so, I tell you add a couple more moving parts and speed it up some and it would of made for a good Mechanical Bull Ride.

I had a busy day today getting computers ready for customers, but still no wheres near caught up. I hope to get more done tomorrow.