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50+80 I’ve got mail! January 25th, gonna be a great night

In the mail today arrived my ticket for the Leafs game against Tampa Bay on January 25th, I am pumped for this, since I have not been to a live Leafs game since 1977 or 78 when I went to a game in Buffalo. This will be one of the highlights of my trip 7 weeks from today, Go Leafs Go!


50+74 I Supported Easter Seals, the Leafs

Being that I am now 50+ I can tell you that I have a lot of fond memories seeing pictures and video from the annual Easter Seals Skate with the Toronto Maple Leafs. this year is the 33rd year that the event will take place. Seeing the smiling faces of the kids that get to skate with their Hockey Heroes on the ice that the team plays on must be the biggest thrill.

Watching stars like Clark & Vaive back in the in the 80’s or Jason Blake more recently pushing kids with huge smiles on their faces around the rink. and plans are in the works to do it again this year which will be the 33rd year for the event.


50+73 I lost the bet with myself, time to pay up!

So last night was the last day on Movember and I knew that I did not want to keep my MO, but after having that hair between my nose and upper lip was really starting to bug me.

For those unaware Movember is a annual thing that men do by starting a mustache November 1st and keeping it til the end of November in order to promote awareness for Prostate Cancer, many people raise money with their growths, which I may try to do next year, but this year I just wanted to show my support by dawning a hairy lip.

But I did not want to just shave it off and just be done with it, I wanted to make it an event so when a friend on facebook comment on my pic, I had to respond to it. so I said if the Leafs won last nights game against Tampa that I would do a clean shave ridding myself of my handlebar.

However if the Leafs lost again, I would only shave off half of it and then post the pictures here.

Well as you can see looking at the shots below my team lost!, though I really thought they would pull this out.

The Leafs had a 3-1 3rd period lead and the Monster was making spectacular saves keeping Stamkos and company off of the score sheet.

Then a stupid icing play with 12 seconds left with Tampa’s goalie out led to the game tying goal with 7 freakin seconds left!

And then a dumb pass by a Leaf defender preceded Tampa’s OT winner. I was shocked.

so here you go, my visit to the bathroom mirror this morning.

If I did not have some business appointments this afternoon I would of left it like that for the day but it is bad enough that I humiliate myself with the above pics so I lathered up again and took off the rest.

So here I am just getting ready to leave. The loss of the Mo will cause me grief as now I will probably need to show ID at the beer store (ya right)

50+64 Thank-you Pat Burns R.I.P

Being a huge fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs ever since 1970 when I was 10 years old, I had not seen the Leafs in a Stanley cup Final and I think it will be quite a while yet before I do. Yeas I was alive when the Leafs last won Lord Stanley’s mug but at age 7 I was not yet into Sports.

Yes many people make jokes about the leafs even though they do have the 2nd most Stanley cup wins in the history of the National Hockey League.

I cheered all the way through through the Harold Ballard era in which they dismantled the great team that they had in the 1970’s with Sittler, Williams, McDonald, Salming, Turnbull and the Popcorn Kid Mike Palmateer.

In the 1980’s there was Wendel Clark who was perhaps the biggest fan favorite in Leaf history which is saying something since they also had great fan faves such as Eddy “Clear the Track” Shack, Johny Bower, Brad Smith and Dave the Tiger Williams.
Of course Canada’s all-time Hockey hero that scored the biggest goal in Hockey History against the Soviets in 1972,  Paul Henderson was also a Maple Leaf at the time.

Even though I have been an avid fan since 1970 I have only been to one NHL Game and that was in around 1977 or 1978 when Sittler and the boy took on the Sabre’s in Buffalo, since then i have been to a couple of the Leafs Open to the Public Practices that will change in January when i drive down to Florida and on the 25th i will take in the game between Toronto and the Tampa Bay Lightning, looking forward to that.

But saying all that 1992 and 1993 were special years here in Toronto, The Jays were winning Back to Back World Series and the Argos were one of the best CFL Teams and the Leafs behind the Coaching of Mr. Pat Burns made it to the Semi Finals in consecutive seasons, getting within a hair on Doug Gilmour’s chin of going against the Montreal Canadiens. But Wayne Gretzky and Kerry Fraisor made sure that did not happen.

But for those magical 21 games in 42 days Pat Burns and the Leafs gave me some great moments to watch and be a Leafs Fan.

R.I.P Pat Burns, you were one hell of a coach, and you should of been in the Hall of Fame by now.