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50+51 Good News On My Dad

Well, this will sound odd, but my dad did not have a stroke!

He spent yesterday afternoon in the Hospital where they took an EKG or EKE or something like that and a Cat-Scan and both tests came back good, no evidence of a stroke at all.

They suggested he see a throat specialist which he did do at 1 pm today and he found that Dad’s one Ear was plugged up with hardened black Ear wax after getting most of that out all of a sudden my dad was able to swallow again, which he was not able to do yesterday and could not eat or drink at all.

The Doctor also wanted to run another test putting a tube into his stomach to look around and for that one hour test the Hospital wanted $22,000! or If my dad paid cash $12,000, needless to say I think I will pass was told to the Hospital, we are checking to see if we can fly him back from Florida to home in Canada  where all of the tests are covered by OHIP our Government Health System.

So for now I am very much relieved and will see what the next few days will bring.

My dad at my sisters house in 2008


50+50 Thinking of my dad and hoping he is ok

This morning I talked to my dad on the phone from Florida and he mentioned he felt funny the night before, like he was drunk and his right hand felt strange., but then he felt better and thought he would visit the Doctor on Monday just to get checked out.

But that plan changed around 1pm today when he was having trouble with his speech and swallowing so he went to the Hospital this afternoon, as of this writing I am still waiting on word on his condition.

Nothing confirmed as of yet but it is sounding more and more like a possible stroke.

My dad has always been very healthy and he is very active at 79 years of age, Never had to spend a day in hospital and checkups always great, so this is a shocker to me.

Right now all I can do is wait to hear news, Anyone reading please take a moment to think of good thoughts for my father.


As of 9pm, Dad is back home still not feeling good but Hospital did not think stroke, gave him phone # for a specialist to see in the morning.

so it will be a wait and see what Monday brings.