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50+236 Class Reunion…. sort of… Bruce Street and Martin Street Public School Milton

You just never know when you will be pleasantly surprised by something coming back from your past.

A couple of days ago I was happy to hear from someone that I went to school with in the early 1970’s Lori Van Fleet who found me because of this blog that I started to write when I turned 50 years old, all because of a google search. Lori then was able to friend me on facebook another great site that enables people to meet not only new friends and keep family updated to what is happening in your life but also to search for and catch up with people from your past.

after a couple of quick messages and talking about the above picture that I had posted in this blog early on, Lori suggested if I posted the class photo on my facebook page she would help me in tagging names. It is amazing when looking at pictures that are 40 years old and at kids that you have not seen or talked to in at least 30 years that the memories start flooding back.

After a few names were tagged and a couple of facebook searches were done and requests sent out, there are some friends of my childhood back into my life.

Now some of the people have moved away to BC, Markham or Ottawa or like myself here in Oshawa a few still continue to live in my home town of Milton

One friend in particular that I was spending a ton of time with in middle school was Chris Chimonides and when I looked him up on google I was surprised to see that he was a drummer for the Group Lost Boys and they played the New Years Show at Nathan Phillips Square back in 2008

There are still others that requests have gone out to and many others that I have had no luck in tracking down but maybe in the weeks and months to come some more people will come ot of the woodwork., Dang this is really cool!

If you went to Bruce Street Public School or Martin Street Public School in the 1960’s or 1970’s have a look at my facebook album of School Pics and see if your their, would love to hear from you! You can find me on Facebook or on twitter