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50+73 I lost the bet with myself, time to pay up!

So last night was the last day on Movember and I knew that I did not want to keep my MO, but after having that hair between my nose and upper lip was really starting to bug me.

For those unaware Movember is a annual thing that men do by starting a mustache November 1st and keeping it til the end of November in order to promote awareness for Prostate Cancer, many people raise money with their growths, which I may try to do next year, but this year I just wanted to show my support by dawning a hairy lip.

But I did not want to just shave it off and just be done with it, I wanted to make it an event so when a friend on facebook comment on my pic, I had to respond to it. so I said if the Leafs won last nights game against Tampa that I would do a clean shave ridding myself of my handlebar.

However if the Leafs lost again, I would only shave off half of it and then post the pictures here.

Well as you can see looking at the shots below my team lost!, though I really thought they would pull this out.

The Leafs had a 3-1 3rd period lead and the Monster was making spectacular saves keeping Stamkos and company off of the score sheet.

Then a stupid icing play with 12 seconds left with Tampa’s goalie out led to the game tying goal with 7 freakin seconds left!

And then a dumb pass by a Leaf defender preceded Tampa’s OT winner. I was shocked.

so here you go, my visit to the bathroom mirror this morning.

If I did not have some business appointments this afternoon I would of left it like that for the day but it is bad enough that I humiliate myself with the above pics so I lathered up again and took off the rest.

So here I am just getting ready to leave. The loss of the Mo will cause me grief as now I will probably need to show ID at the beer store (ya right)


50+72 Movember ends tomorrow, but there is a bet for tonight Leafs game

This is me from last week with my Movember…

My plan was to shave it off in the morning December 1st, but with my Leafs not playing pretty good hockey of late I decided to place a bet with my self.

The Hockey game between the Leafs and Tampa tonight starts in 10 minutes. If the Leafs win tonight I will go with my plan to shave off the Mo in the morning.

However if the Leafs fail to win I will shave off only one side and post a picture of that for tomorrows blog post and embarrass myself, before shaving off the rest.

If you want to see how my team is doing during the game you can go to this ESPN website and follow along

50+49 It’s Movember

I was looking through some old photos on my computer today seeing if anything would jump out at me that would be worth while talking about and I found this shot from 1993…

1993 Wilfred with facial hair

I have gone through like most people stages in my life where I would try a different look and as you can see above I had a goatee and a stash.

The past few years though I have gone with the clean face look along with the short hair.

There is a fairly new thing that happens every November and that is Movember where men support the Prostate Cancer awareness program by growing a mustache starting November 1st and ending at the end of the month.

So October 31st was the last time I shaved the upper lip area of my face. This is how I look today….

Day 6 of Movember

I have not had a mustache since my hair started the tun from brown to grey so it will be interesting to see if it is a look that will be acceptable.

Now I still have to check out the Movember website and see what is involved and if I decide to enter the site I will let you all know.