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50+71 Who needs colour when you have Black and White

Now be honest you did not think that this post was going to be about our cats did you?

Just fooling around with my photo editing software and turned thes pics

of Mr. Bean and Shakespeare in black and white shots even though they are already black and white cats.

So which do you like better?

Mr. Bean in colour


Mr. Bean black & white


Shakespeare in colour

Shakespeare BW



50+29 Rapid fire notes from the day

  1. Got an e-mail today from an old friend that I coached Softball in the late 70’s, Lori married with 2 wonderful boys and doing well with Race Horses. And Her Mom is still doing well, glad to hear that she is a great lady!
  2. Made a second batch of BBQ Baked Beans today… Yum!
  3. Spent a couple of hours doing 50+27 updates on Trisha’s Wedding.
  4. Son helped me today with final clean-up from fixing the roof, Thanks again Alex!
  5. Hey I won my match 3-2 over the first place team, well not anymore, now I am in first!
  6. Can not wait for Monday see if my Leafs can improve to 5-0 with a win over the Islanders.
  7. Have to get 2 computers ready to deliver for Monday, and get working on a packaging job, will be a busy week, me thinks!
  8. Did I tell you all that we have a new cat? His name is Mr Bean and he is a stray that showed up at our back door a week ago.