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50+27 Da da da da… Da da da da… Herman’s girl got married

My best friend Herman that I have had the pleasure of knowing for 25 years or so, is an excited father today. At 3pm he walked his daughter Tricia down the isle to give her away to her soul mate Nathanial, and both of them were wearing souls of Orange.

Orange was the theme, and NO not for the Dutch National Team

Click to see full size

Getting there was half the battle…

The service was at 3pm on a Friday afternoon and I had business I had to attend to in the morning so I knew it would be tight for me to get the church on time.

The ceremony was in Guelph and I know that area real well since that is where my daughter went to university for 2 years, plus I had my GPS so getting there would not be a problem…… or would it?

I needed to pick up my camera at the repair depot for which the lens needed replacing and I was afraid that the battery would not have enough charge so I brought my power inverter to pug into my cig lighter and my battery charger could plug into that. I picked up the camera plugged in the charger and blew the fuse, and yes my GPS should of plugged in to that same socket (battery in GPS no longer holds a charge so that was not an option. So now I need to find the fuse with out a manual and replace it with a fuse I did not have. Lucky for me I phoned my son and he looked up the fuse chart online and told me which one it was, and I stopped at future Shop and picked up a new fuse. None of it was hard it is just the time was short.

Next I had to go to a computer supplier to pick up 2 computers I need for the week-end for sales, I got there at 12:15 pm and they could not pick my order because the order pickers were on lunch til 1pm, ARGHHHHHHHHH! So I had to wait til 1:20 for my order.

I get into my car plug in my GPS at 1:20 and punch in the address, and it tells me I will arrive at 2:56 pm! but it was Friday afternoon and I had to drive across Toronto and further west to Guelph. I used the 407 Toll road as it is faster than Hwy 401 and I pulled up to the church at 2:57 pm! Whew! I made it!

The Wedding Service…

The service was lovely, the Priest saying he had never seen Orange in a wedding but thought it was fantastic, and so did we. Also he said that there was more singing in this ceremony than he had presided over the last 8 weddings, but again we were all fine with that too.

The Happy Couple Patricia and Nathaniel

It may appear that Trish is crying but in reality she was having trouble getting the ring on his finger!

You may now kiss the Bride!


This time her emotions were getting to her, but tears of Joy!

Broyjers and Sisters of the Bride & Groom made up the band that played. That is Trish's Sister Monika singing and her Brother Adrian playing the Guitar

A Dutch tradition is to have the Bride & Groom wash each others feet as part of the service, notice Nathaniel's Orange shoes?

Now it is Trish's turn to scrub!

The reception line outside the church

Parents Margaret and Herman Zwart and the Bride Trisha

Can you tell it was a windy day? Professional Photogs nightmare, but I think it is fun!

yes it was windy... but Gotta love the shoes!

Trishia's Brother Calvin (an Usher) along with Susan and Bob (Herman in the back ground)

Not a nice thing to do, passing gas in a borrowed suit! (no it was the wind!)

On to the Reception….

We had about an hour to kill before driving to the reception which was at a community centre 15 minutes south of there, so I headed to Tim Horton’s for a hot chocolate and a sandwich since I had not yet had lunch.

The hall was nicely decorated by the siblings of the Bride and Groom and it was a full room to be sure, a great turn out.

Each table was named in different languages but the word was the same "LOVE" my table was quireo, Spain I believe

A full room

The evenings masters of ceremony were sister of the Groom and Adrian Brother of the Bride, They were great hosts and lots of funny lines.

Dinner was a lot different than I had seen before but in a very good way….

First of all this menu was on our table and on it were 14 yes I said 14 different kinds of soup.

The idea being thatย  a bunch of different friends and family each supplied a crock pot full of their own soup recipe and that Trishia & Nathaniel would serve everyone the soup but we would not want them to ruin their wedding clothes so they were given bibs to wear and they looked so cute in them!

Bride & Groom about to serve soup to everyone

but we could not have everyone line up at once, so how to decide to choose what table gets fed in which order? Of course lets have a jelly bean counting contest!

A jar filled with Jelly beans was brought to every table and the group as a whole had to guess how many beans were in the jar (we guessed 200)

then who ever guessed closest one the jar for their table and was first in to the soup line. The answer by the way was 223 beans but we ended up middle of the pack with our guess.

They chose the order of who goes up for soup by the jelly bean guesses and which ever table was the furthest away from the correct answer went up to the Salad table first, and second furthest guess went second etc. I thought it was an ingenious way to decide the order, bravo!

Also at the salad table was sandwiches and everyone was able to go for seconds and thirds if needed, the soups were a wonderful blend and very filling. It saved a lot of money (it was a Dutch wedding after all) But that is more than fine, I found it original and gave the reception a lot of personality.

Bride and Groom serving, or is that Groom and Bride, hard to tell ๐Ÿ˜‰

Great Soups!

Oh I found out afterwords that the Peanut Butter soup was made by Nathaniel and I hear it was delish!, Susan had it.

The Wedding Gifts table, that is a nice grill!, made me jealous

Posing by our table (yes we were next to the bar ๐Ÿ™‚ and you can see the shoes!

What a wedding gown! She looked so beautiful

I like this shot, it says it all!

Let the games begin!

Games were played, in the pic above they played a game where Bride and groom held their own shoe in one hand and their partners in the other back to back and the hosts would ask them personal questions and they answer by holding up the shoe of the person that is described best in the question, a lot of great questions and the answers had the whole hall in stitches.

Each table was given a jar with orange and purple crayons and we were told to doodle or leave comments on the table cloths and they would be collected after the reception and given as keepsakes to the Bride and Groom, great idea.

And then the speeches….

We heard from the Best man, the Maid of Honour, the Grand Parents and finally the Parents, heartfelt message all of them.

Trishia's Mother Margaret and Father Herman with some words.

Dad had the last word. (how often does that happen?)

Once the speeches were done, they started to set up for the dancing part of the evening, and it was at this point that Bob & Susan and myself said thank-you for a wonderful day and made our way home. I was a good boy and had only 1 beer early in the evening and a part glass of wine with dinner. so I was fine to drive, if there was any question at all I would of spent the night at a hotel, but it was not necessary.

I really enjoyed the wedding and wish Patricia and Nathaniel the very best in their marriage.