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50+174 Cheerwine will be a constant reminder of Southern Expedition 2011

A day does not go by that I do not reflect for at least a moment on my Southern Expedition that I took in January 2011.

I had so many great moments during that trip that not only got me away from the cold and the snow of Canadian Winter but it was such a break from issues in life that I needed to get away from for a short time.

I was so fortunate to meet many fine people that I had talked with online in the world of BBQ and was blown away by the Southern hospitality that was awarded me by the friendly folks in North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

It all started in Salisbury North Carolina when I met with Blog Writer Cyndi Allison taking possession of the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse that I was lucky to win in her online draw back in October. Not only did I get the smoker but we also exchanged some gifts that were from our local areas. One of the gifts I received was a case of Cheerwine which is a local favorite soda drink in North Carolina.

It has a wonderful Wild Cherry flavour and is made with Pure Cane Sugar rather than using corn syrup as most soft drinks do. Mind you that is only in the 12 oz. glass bottle size and only available from the distribution center in Salisbury.  You can read an in depth story I wrote on this soft drink on my BBQ blog here.

My point being that looking back the case of Cheerwine had a deeper meaning to me  since its name is derived from the word Cheer which is a pleasure that it represents and though not having alcohol content it uses wine in its name to show off the clear burgundy colour.

So it is like raising a glass with friends, When I got home I cut the side off of the Cheerwine case and brought it to Costco and had it put in a nice glassed frame which is now proudly hanging on the wall in my office, as a constant reminder of good times and good people.

The next day I had a great lunch at Lexington #1 Barbecue with other BBQ friends Wayne Brown, John Shepard and his son by the same name along with Cyndi and her son Eli.

I also had the pleasure of spending an evening with Michael and Stephanie Baxter in Fitzgerald Georgia.

And in Florida  I met members of two special BBQ teams that competed in the Lakeland Florida Pigfest.

First off there was Doug and his wife Biggi Francis along with their 2 kids and Sue from Hogs Gone Wild BBQ.

Doug, Sue, Melissa, Biggi and TJ

and Chad Ward along with the rest of the Whiskey Bent BBQ Team

And on my way out of Florida I stopped in Jacksonville to spend a few hours with no other than Hank Bob or as he is known when not in character Aaron Smith.

Another couple of great guys to meet were the owners of Southern Soul BBQ Griffin Bufkin and Harrison Sapp.


I am a bit reflective today mainly because I hung up my Cheerwine frame and again it reminded me of the great time I had. and I will raise a bottle to all of my southern friends and I hope that we get the chance to meet again on a future trip, but in the meantime will continue to talk with most of them online….. CHEERS!


50+54 A Day to Remember – A Day not to Forget

Wearing my poppy on Nov 11 2010

Today is Remembrance day and even though I was in the middle of a busy day i made sure to pause what I was doing on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

I was listening to the Fan590 a local Toronto Sports Radio Station and they did a very respectable one hour show where the talked with their listeners with host Jeff Blair but they started it of with a reading and those ever familiar horns playing while we all sat silent remembering what all of the people that serves for the Allied forces not just in Canada but from around the world and how their sacrifices give us the lives that we appreciate today.

Sure it is not a perfect world, we all have our ups and downs, our good days and our bad but we are free to live our lives to the fullest because of our heroes.

They also spoke with Cpt. Wayne Johnston who spoke about how we can help our soldiers recover from their injuries when they return from combat you can get more information here at

I was looking in today’s issue of the Toronto Sun and their political cartoonist Donato had a wonderful Cartoon  where he drew a hearse about to drive under a bridge on our Highway of Heroes that stretches from Trenton to Toronto along the 401 Hwy and showing people standing on the bridge overlooking the highway with a Canadian flag and a heartmoving poem by Stan Durrant called “REMEMBER ME”.

I recreate that for you below as I phoned the Toronto Sun asking permission to scan the actual cartoon and I was told that they would frown upon that, however they were fine with my recreating it using my own picture that I had taken on one of those days that we honoured one of our hereos upon their retun to our native soil.

Click on me to enlarge

I also want to share something that means a lot to me. In my neighbourhood here in Oshawa there are a handful of streets that have special names and they all have references to the war and they have poppies added to the street signs to honour our troops. In fact my home was built in the 1940’s which makes it a war time home.

Below are the streets here in Oshawa that have that special status, and every day I drive by one I am reminded of the troops not only on this day but every day.



A friend of mine on Twitter (@MzDeMure)  told this today. She Wrote….

Friend of mine found a wallet with a LOT of $ in it. He found the owner through his driver’s license. He came & picked it up at his …When he answered the door, there was a VERY happy gentleman, wearing his dress uniform from WWII.

When he tried to reward my friend, my friend told him he already had 🙂

I had to share it, too good of a deed to go unmentioned. The friend is Cole Benjamin of the Hi-Tones in London, On……..

Those are the things that can make you believe that there is still a lot of good in this crazy world

50+52 Ritson Road getting fixed, may no longer be one of worst roads in Ontario

Ritson Road in Oshawa being repaired

Every year there is a list of the top 20 roads in Ontario Canada in a list prepared by CAA (which is the Canadian equivalent of AAA in the States.

Ritson Road in my city of Oshawa is being torn up and re paved as I write this. Ritson has always been a problem in the area the road is very much traveled but very much filled with pot holes and cracks that made a lot of the mechanics in the area very happy and very rich having to replace suspension parts in our vehicals.

The construction is being done in stages and working in one or two block areas, trying all the while to keep access to the area business open.

It is a hassle yes but we must all suffer with some inconvenience in order to get some nice roads to drive in and hopefully take the city of Oshawa off of the top 20 list in the future.

This was the list in 2010

Ranking Road Name Municipality
Pelican Falls Rd
Municipality of Sioux Lookout
Vermillion Lake Rd
City of Greater Sudbury
Lawrence Ave
City of Toronto
Finch Ave
City of Toronto
Burlington St
City of Hamilton
Dufferin St
City of Toronto
Eglinton Ave. West
City of Toronto
Ritson Rd
City of Oshawa
McLeod Rd
City of Niagara Falls
Welland Ave
City of St. Catharines
Steeles Ave
City of Toronto
Onion Lake Rd
City of Thunder Bay
Cecelia St
City of Pembroke
Riverside Dr
City of Ottawa
Kingston Rd
City of Toronto
Fourth Ave
City of St. Catharines
Bayview Ave
City of Toronto
Palmer Rd
City of Belleville
St. Clair Ave
City of Toronto
Carling Ave
City of Ottawa



50+46 Sign of the times – Open would be better than closed

Today I went for a walk with my 2 dogs, I used to walk the same route 4 times a week last year and it helped to lose about 30 lbs. But I got away from it and did very little walking this past year so I gained most of that back again.

But I am going to put in the effort to get back on my program. Plus My dogs love to go along…

Last winter I went to the gym quite often with a membership my son gave me for Christmas, but to be honest I did not find it to stimulating, I would rather walk outside as I did today, the fresh fall air makes me feel a lot better than riding a stationary bike or a stair-master.

Besides seeing views like this that I took a picture of on my walk is nicer than brick walls.

Harmony Creek Golf Course Bloor Street Oshawa

Te walk I go on is 6 km  (3½ Miles)  and takes me about 1½ hours to complete. My dogs know the route I take and if I stop and try to make the dogs go back toward home they drag their butts saying Noooooo!

Today I left the house at 5:25pm in daylight and by the time I got back at 7pm it was dark.

Last year when I walked I did most of my walks around the neighbourhood late at night around 11 pm, I had found it was a good time to unwind and during the warm weather months it was very comfortable as well.

Most of the walk is a residential area except for the Golf Course area. and on the home stretch on Wilson there is a small plaza and one of the stores caught my eye as they have closed up shop and there is a for lease sign in the window, but to me the owner had a bad idea for the name of the business, I think Behind Open Doors would of been a better thought.