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50+54 A Day to Remember – A Day not to Forget

Wearing my poppy on Nov 11 2010

Today is Remembrance day and even though I was in the middle of a busy day i made sure to pause what I was doing on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

I was listening to the Fan590 a local Toronto Sports Radio Station and they did a very respectable one hour show where the talked with their listeners with host Jeff Blair but they started it of with a reading and those ever familiar horns playing while we all sat silent remembering what all of the people that serves for the Allied forces not just in Canada but from around the world and how their sacrifices give us the lives that we appreciate today.

Sure it is not a perfect world, we all have our ups and downs, our good days and our bad but we are free to live our lives to the fullest because of our heroes.

They also spoke with Cpt. Wayne Johnston who spoke about how we can help our soldiers recover from their injuries when they return from combat you can get more information here at

I was looking in today’s issue of the Toronto Sun and their political cartoonist Donato had a wonderful Cartoon  where he drew a hearse about to drive under a bridge on our Highway of Heroes that stretches from Trenton to Toronto along the 401 Hwy and showing people standing on the bridge overlooking the highway with a Canadian flag and a heartmoving poem by Stan Durrant called “REMEMBER ME”.

I recreate that for you below as I phoned the Toronto Sun asking permission to scan the actual cartoon and I was told that they would frown upon that, however they were fine with my recreating it using my own picture that I had taken on one of those days that we honoured one of our hereos upon their retun to our native soil.

Click on me to enlarge

I also want to share something that means a lot to me. In my neighbourhood here in Oshawa there are a handful of streets that have special names and they all have references to the war and they have poppies added to the street signs to honour our troops. In fact my home was built in the 1940’s which makes it a war time home.

Below are the streets here in Oshawa that have that special status, and every day I drive by one I am reminded of the troops not only on this day but every day.



A friend of mine on Twitter (@MzDeMure)  told this today. She Wrote….

Friend of mine found a wallet with a LOT of $ in it. He found the owner through his driver’s license. He came & picked it up at his …When he answered the door, there was a VERY happy gentleman, wearing his dress uniform from WWII.

When he tried to reward my friend, my friend told him he already had 🙂

I had to share it, too good of a deed to go unmentioned. The friend is Cole Benjamin of the Hi-Tones in London, On……..

Those are the things that can make you believe that there is still a lot of good in this crazy world