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50+38 Congrats Rob Ford – New Mayor of Toronto – Daddy would be proud

In the Late 70’s I worked for Deco Labels and Tags in Rexdale Ontario now part of Toronto, as a pressman on a Label Printing Press.

Starting in 1977  at the at the time minimum wage of $3.00 an hour I worked on the 3rd largest pres out of about 20 presses producing quality 4 colour labels.I left the job 3 years later having received 3 pay raises (one each year) making …. wait for it…$3.75 an hour!

Do not get me wrong I really enjoyed working there the people were fantastic and the owner at the time was Doug Ford, I can still picture him with his big thick Fur coats and his big car, a Lincoln Town car if I remember correctly.

He kind of reminded me of Harold Ballard who owned the Toronto Maple Leafs at the time. Doug never did pay any of his employees real well when I was there, but he still had a heart of gold. I also had good times with Doug’s son Randy, he was a fun guy, you could compare Randy to Mikey on American Chopper even with the long hair at the time hehe.

I recall one time in particular that we had a back log of Printing orders so 2 other pressmen (one was the owners daughter Kathy’s boyfriend at the time) and myself finished our Friday afternoon shift at Deco left at midnight and when our supervisor was gone we returned via a side door that we left unlocked and stayed the entire week-end finishing every job that was in the dockets plus we painted the washrooms that were disgusting and cleaned the entire shop. Plus I brought in my 12″ black & white TV and watched the Leaf game Saturday night (I try to never miss a game)

We left 3o minutes before the day shift arrived Monday morning and walked into the shop with them to see their expressions.

needless to say they were shocked, but we did get in trouble because now the day shift had nothing to do. But it was so worth it.

Doug passed away in 2006 at 73 years of age

So what does all this have to do with the title of this post?

Well last night Doug Ford’s son Rob was elected mayor of the city of Toronto and he has vowed to cut out all needless spending by the city, as a city councilor rob never used the budget money for his office to go on trips or any other thing that most politicians waste money on so I believe him.

I know that in an article I read Rob said that his father taught him the value of a dollar, and I know first hand that lesson, remember I worked 3 years and was getting $3.75 an hour? So I have no doubt that Rob will succeed as Mayor of Toronto, and looking down in approval will be Doug Ford Sr.

Edit, I was driving by Deco on Saturday so I stopped to take a couple of pics how it looks now, and I noticed they took over the building to the left and also built an addition onto the back of the building I worked in I believe that is Randy’s SUV in front since Rob drives a minivan, according to the papers.

And looking at the rusting old machines that were in behind the building I just have to wonder if any of them were the great old machines that we used back in the late 70’s