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50+221 Coolio attends a Royal Wedding

A couple of good friends of mine are Bob & Susan Sedlak of Bowmanville, Ontario

Bob has been very helpful with anytime I have been stuck trying to fix a computer problem but more than that he is a good friend and we get together almost every Saturday night at mutual friend Herman’s house where we will watch Mythbusters, Hockey games, play hattrick and talk computers and Soccer. His wife Susan is a wonderful lady that enjoys reading and knitting, and after seeing my blog Oshawa Ogre’s Views, News & BBQ’s Susan decided to start a blog on her own called Kittens with Mittens where she talks mostly about knitting.

She is also a fan of my little buddy Coolio and his adventures so I arranged for Coolio to take a little trip to spend a week with Susan.

Coolio ended up to be invited to attend the Royal Wedding as you can see in Susan’s latest blog post.

Coolio hangs out on the Balcony with the Royals

Coolio at a Royal Tea Party