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50+110 I am sick, but others are even sicker

Here I am only 13 days away from leaving for my trip to Florida and I am fighting a terrible cold, started a couple of days ago with a slight stuffy nose and a bit of a cough but Thursday it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Hot & cold flashes headache and while taking the garbage to the curb I ended upchucking 5 times, not a pretty site (No pictures to share either as I would like my readers to read me in the future as well.)

I hope that by the time I am ready to leave on the 21st I will somewhat healthy but I know from previous experience that my colds tend to linger for up to 6 weeks, mostly my cough more than anything else.

But there is so much to do around the home before I go not to mention taking care of my business also.

But as sick as I am from my cold there are people in this world even sicker and they are people like the 21 year old goofball that decided to try and kill a Congresswoman in Arizona today. After shooting her in the head at pointblank range he turned the gun on others killing at least 5 and putting a few more in critical condition before he was tackled.

What in the world would cause a person to want to inflict pain like that on others?

Even if you dislike a person due to political/religious views or because you just do not get along, why not work out differences in a nicer way that does not include violence.

That is the news, now on to the weather…

Yesterday I had to drive to Belleville to pick up a load of paper and about half way there I drove through a blizzard for about 15 minutes and as you can see by the sign I passed “roads can be slippery” but the VW held it’s ground and there were no accidents in the sudden change in conditions.


And we will end this newscast turning to Sports with a quick note on my Toronto Maple Leafs.

After winning 6-5 over St Louis on Thursday night and having to fly down to Atlanta to play the very next night against a good team like the Thrashers, everyone was prediction that the Leafs would be on the losing end but low and behold the Toronto team played one of their best games in years and destroyed the Thrashers 9-3 and scoring 9 consecutive goals in the process, 4 of them power-play goals on a single 5 minute penalty to Ben Eager for punching Colby Armstrong with a glove on sucker punch closing his eye. Eager received a match penalty and afterward got an additional 4 games from the National Hockey League



50+80 I’ve got mail! January 25th, gonna be a great night

In the mail today arrived my ticket for the Leafs game against Tampa Bay on January 25th, I am pumped for this, since I have not been to a live Leafs game since 1977 or 78 when I went to a game in Buffalo. This will be one of the highlights of my trip 7 weeks from today, Go Leafs Go!