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50+46 Sign of the times – Open would be better than closed

Today I went for a walk with my 2 dogs, I used to walk the same route 4 times a week last year and it helped to lose about 30 lbs. But I got away from it and did very little walking this past year so I gained most of that back again.

But I am going to put in the effort to get back on my program. Plus My dogs love to go along…

Last winter I went to the gym quite often with a membership my son gave me for Christmas, but to be honest I did not find it to stimulating, I would rather walk outside as I did today, the fresh fall air makes me feel a lot better than riding a stationary bike or a stair-master.

Besides seeing views like this that I took a picture of on my walk is nicer than brick walls.

Harmony Creek Golf Course Bloor Street Oshawa

Te walk I go on is 6 km  (3½ Miles)  and takes me about 1½ hours to complete. My dogs know the route I take and if I stop and try to make the dogs go back toward home they drag their butts saying Noooooo!

Today I left the house at 5:25pm in daylight and by the time I got back at 7pm it was dark.

Last year when I walked I did most of my walks around the neighbourhood late at night around 11 pm, I had found it was a good time to unwind and during the warm weather months it was very comfortable as well.

Most of the walk is a residential area except for the Golf Course area. and on the home stretch on Wilson there is a small plaza and one of the stores caught my eye as they have closed up shop and there is a for lease sign in the window, but to me the owner had a bad idea for the name of the business, I think Behind Open Doors would of been a better thought.