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53+183 – It has been a while since I wrote – so much has happened

So it has been almost 3 years since I have written…

Since then let’s see……

1. I Separated in July 2012

2. I moved out of my home in June 2013 to Brooklin

3. I moved to Kitchener in November 2013

4. I missed going on my annual Southern Expedition to Florida this year

5. Still driving my VW Jetta Wagon, now has 580,000 km on her but she is wearing out.

6. As of today still going through the Divorce process

7. Big day coming July 25th when I have first Case conference

8. Some other great things happened to me in the last year too, but more about that later.


Some pics from my time in Brooklin

IMG_4154 IMG_4128 IMG_4132 Brooklin Bash (4) Brooklin Bash (1)

I did go on one a trip which lasted only 56 hours and we drove from Kitchener to Wichita, Kansas  and back to pick up a BBQ (the one house behind the BBQ is my Kitchener Home

Turn and Burn (16) Turn and Burn (45) Turn and Burn (14) with hat Turn and Burn (0) Turn and Burn (47)


Anyways, I hope to not wait another 3 years to write again. I will try to keep you updated




50+236 Class Reunion…. sort of… Bruce Street and Martin Street Public School Milton

You just never know when you will be pleasantly surprised by something coming back from your past.

A couple of days ago I was happy to hear from someone that I went to school with in the early 1970’s Lori Van Fleet who found me because of this blog that I started to write when I turned 50 years old, all because of a google search. Lori then was able to friend me on facebook another great site that enables people to meet not only new friends and keep family updated to what is happening in your life but also to search for and catch up with people from your past.

after a couple of quick messages and talking about the above picture that I had posted in this blog early on, Lori suggested if I posted the class photo on my facebook page she would help me in tagging names. It is amazing when looking at pictures that are 40 years old and at kids that you have not seen or talked to in at least 30 years that the memories start flooding back.

After a few names were tagged and a couple of facebook searches were done and requests sent out, there are some friends of my childhood back into my life.

Now some of the people have moved away to BC, Markham or Ottawa or like myself here in Oshawa a few still continue to live in my home town of Milton

One friend in particular that I was spending a ton of time with in middle school was Chris Chimonides and when I looked him up on google I was surprised to see that he was a drummer for the Group Lost Boys and they played the New Years Show at Nathan Phillips Square back in 2008

There are still others that requests have gone out to and many others that I have had no luck in tracking down but maybe in the weeks and months to come some more people will come ot of the woodwork., Dang this is really cool!

If you went to Bruce Street Public School or Martin Street Public School in the 1960’s or 1970’s have a look at my facebook album of School Pics and see if your their, would love to hear from you! You can find me on Facebook or on twitter

50+194 Coolio goes to the Blue Jays Home Opener with my sister and I

This year the Toronto Blue Jays Home Opener was on Friday April 1st…. no foolin’!

I had dropped Coolio off at ……..

Coolio, loves BBQ too!

Wait first maybe I should tell you who Coolio is.

When I went on my Southern Expedition I was doing the drive alone, so I thought it would be Cool to bring a few furry friends along for the ride and take pictures with them throughout the trip, more of a gag than anything else. but it has morphed into a fun little diversion from life itself that sometimes likes to kick your ass.

And to go back a little further I found Coolio and the Gang when I was doing some Christmas shopping in a neat Warehouse Liquidation type place in Scarborough, Ontario and I only paid $1.00 a piece for them. Thus Coolio and the Gang were born.

When I got back from Florida I even made Coolio his own facebook page so that anyone could track his adventures and see the trouble that he gets himself into.

Anyways let us get back to today’s story.

last week I needed to visit a supplier in Mississauga, just down the street from where my sister worked and Coolio was in my car and Regina had made a few comments in the past about Coolio and the fact that she was following his adventures so I thought she would like to see him in person.

I drove into her works parking lot and called her from my cell and asked her to meet me at the front door. She said come on in I am in the lobby and I walked up to the door and it was locked. I phoned her back and told her and she said I guess I did not tell you that we moved our office over a year ago!.


Well after getting directions it turns out she was only 5 minutes away so I dropped by the new place and surprised her with Coolio and said she could keep him for a week til we would get together at the Toronto Blue Jay’s Home Opener on April 1st

She embraced the spirit of what Coolio was ll about and took pictures of him getting in trouble at her work  which you can see here and here.

Wilfred Reinke with his sister Regina Divine along with Coolio at the Blue Jays Season opener April 1st 2011

So Friday night was a blast where the Blue Jays destroyed the Twins 13-3 and I had my hands full trying to keep up with Coolio as he wanted explore the Rogers Centre and get himself in some trouble here and there.

If you would like to check out Coolio’s day at the ball park you can check out his photo albums here, and if you like what you see, please leave some comments and ask to be friends with my little buddy, There will be many more adventures.

50+174 Cheerwine will be a constant reminder of Southern Expedition 2011

A day does not go by that I do not reflect for at least a moment on my Southern Expedition that I took in January 2011.

I had so many great moments during that trip that not only got me away from the cold and the snow of Canadian Winter but it was such a break from issues in life that I needed to get away from for a short time.

I was so fortunate to meet many fine people that I had talked with online in the world of BBQ and was blown away by the Southern hospitality that was awarded me by the friendly folks in North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

It all started in Salisbury North Carolina when I met with Blog Writer Cyndi Allison taking possession of the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse that I was lucky to win in her online draw back in October. Not only did I get the smoker but we also exchanged some gifts that were from our local areas. One of the gifts I received was a case of Cheerwine which is a local favorite soda drink in North Carolina.

It has a wonderful Wild Cherry flavour and is made with Pure Cane Sugar rather than using corn syrup as most soft drinks do. Mind you that is only in the 12 oz. glass bottle size and only available from the distribution center in Salisbury.  You can read an in depth story I wrote on this soft drink on my BBQ blog here.

My point being that looking back the case of Cheerwine had a deeper meaning to me  since its name is derived from the word Cheer which is a pleasure that it represents and though not having alcohol content it uses wine in its name to show off the clear burgundy colour.

So it is like raising a glass with friends, When I got home I cut the side off of the Cheerwine case and brought it to Costco and had it put in a nice glassed frame which is now proudly hanging on the wall in my office, as a constant reminder of good times and good people.

The next day I had a great lunch at Lexington #1 Barbecue with other BBQ friends Wayne Brown, John Shepard and his son by the same name along with Cyndi and her son Eli.

I also had the pleasure of spending an evening with Michael and Stephanie Baxter in Fitzgerald Georgia.

And in Florida  I met members of two special BBQ teams that competed in the Lakeland Florida Pigfest.

First off there was Doug and his wife Biggi Francis along with their 2 kids and Sue from Hogs Gone Wild BBQ.

Doug, Sue, Melissa, Biggi and TJ

and Chad Ward along with the rest of the Whiskey Bent BBQ Team

And on my way out of Florida I stopped in Jacksonville to spend a few hours with no other than Hank Bob or as he is known when not in character Aaron Smith.

Another couple of great guys to meet were the owners of Southern Soul BBQ Griffin Bufkin and Harrison Sapp.


I am a bit reflective today mainly because I hung up my Cheerwine frame and again it reminded me of the great time I had. and I will raise a bottle to all of my southern friends and I hope that we get the chance to meet again on a future trip, but in the meantime will continue to talk with most of them online….. CHEERS!

50+164 Some bookkeeping from my Southern Expedition 2011

First off I need to say sorry to my readers that I have not been keeping up with my so called daily blog as it has been about 3 weeks since my last post.

Between getting caught up around the house and my business and also finding time to review products for my BBQ blog this page had found itself on the back burner.

I will try to keep this page as active as I can in the future.

Today I sat down with all of my fuel receipts from my Southern Expedition and did some accounting work with them.

I had not driven down south since the 1993 and of course since then fuel costs have been a lot higher than at that time and the past few years I had taken a big bird to go visit my parents in Florida. A single Airfare to Florida return would cost in the area of $300.00

But since I was doing a BBQ tour on the way with stops in NC, Georgia and a few spots in Florida along with the fact I had  my Masterbuilt smoker to pick up, driving down made a lot of sense.

I really enjoyed the drive, yes I was alone in the car but with the tunes rockin’ and no one along to slow me down or try to speed me up, it was very enjoyable.

Here is my Fuel Expenses for the trip in my 2003 VW Jetta TDI, being a Diesel the economy was excellent except in the mountains where my Turbo boost shut down due to the high altitude.

Not to confuse you all, but in Canada we are using the metric system so there are some calculations done.

1 mile = 1.61 km

1 US Gallon = 4.5 litres

But as you can see I did put totals for  miles, km’s, Litre’s and Gallons

And here are some screen shots from my GPS after I got back home to Oshawa after the trip.

It should be noted that I had reset the trip stats on the GPS just after I started my trip so the km do not quite add up.

and if your wondering about the very very high Max Speed on the GPS, that was when I took my GPS on an airplane 2 years ago, and I will not be resetting the max speed on my GPS since I think that is so cool 🙂

50+129 Fix the A/C we are in Florida

Today was a day to rest up and and get ready for the weekend.

Hey, I got to hold the flashlight and pass dad his tools, so I helped!

First I had my A/C in the car failed and my dad helped me trouble shoot the problem and we found the wires going into the coil were fried. So off to the garage for a repair.

Brian took good care of my VW, Coolio and the Gang will like the A/C working

The good folks at Artic Auto Air had a used coil that they could install for $185. which is better than everyone else that would want to replace the compressor for hundreds more. Thanks Brian for the excellent service on my VW!

Steaks were the meal of the day for Dad and I and I have to say I finaly did a good grilling job on steaks, helps that Dad’s BBQ gets up to 700F

Friday off to Lakeland Florida for the PigFest BBQ Competition, meeting friends all week-end, should be a fun one!

50+123 Made it to Salisbury North Carolina

This is the first leg of my Trip to Florida, I made plans to pick up the Masterbuilt Electric smoker that I won on Cyndi Allison’s Barbecue Master Blog a few months back since Masterbuilt’s contest could only ship within the United States I had to make arrangements to have the smoker delivered in the USA.

I could have had it shipped to my parents in Florida directly but I thought it would be better promotion if we could get a picture of Cyndi presenting the smoker in person. (I will cover this in more detail in my Oshawa Ogre’s Views, News and BBQ’s Blog in the near future)

Being that Salisbury North Carolina is pretty much half way between Oshawa and Fort Myers Florida, this seemed like a no brainer.

Normally I fly down to visit my parents but since I now have a very fuel-efficient VW Jetta TDI Diesel I wanted to drive down this year anyways, I really enjoy driving and the fact that I was going alone did not bother me since I could enjoy listening to tunes on my new Freeway DVD Car stereo that I just got for Christmas.

Seeing that it is a 13 hour drive according to Google maps I wanted to hit Salisbury between 5 and 6 pm and in order to make that dead line (had dinner plans arranged with Cyndi and her family at a local BBQ Restaurant ( more on that later too) I needed to leave Oshawa at 3am on Friday morning Jan. 21st Argggggh that is my normal time for going to sleep!

Being a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan I had to watch the Leafs Ducks game and that went til 10 pm  so I did not get to sleep til 11 pm and had my alarm set for a way to early 2am wake up alarm.

But I did get up and have a shower to wake myself up and was out the door at 3am, though I went to top up the fuel on my car and wouldn’t you know it I picked a station with a big line up at the pumps (mostly taxi’s) so I did not get on the highway til 3:20.

As you see above Coolio and the gang were fresh and ready for the drive, though I wonder why penguins would want to go down south, maybe they thought I was going to South Antarctica?

Why the penguins you may ask?, It is a bit of a long story that I will cover in a future post, so stay tuned for that one.

As you can also see from my pic above it was snowing when I left Oshawa but the worst of it came when I was in the Niagara Falls area and through New York State and Pennsylvania when I Drove through Blizzard conditions 4 different times and if not for the tail lights of the cars in front of me I think I would have drove right off the road like many others that I had seen do.

Further south you would expect it to get better right?…. Wrong!

Road conditions were terrible even though the snow stopped falling except for flurries the odd time through West Virgina, the amount of roads that were still snow covered would make your head (and my tires) spin.

It is a good thing I bought new Snow tires a couple of days before my trip my old all season tires would have put me in the ditch or worse for sure!

I did not stop seeing snow on the ground and still on the roads for that matter til I was well into Virginia! and to top it off I saw the remains of at least 4 tractor trailers that had jack knifed rolled over or was facing the wrong way on the Interstates.

I will say this, I normally drive I75 to go to Florida which is a very boring drive and a lot of big cities to drive through with traffic, but the trip from Oshawa to Salisbury NC was (except for the snow) a scenic drive and I enjoyed the landscapes that I had not seen before.

Remember I said I wanted to be in Salisbury for 5pm? well I pulled into the Days Inn at 5:15, and I would have been even earlier if I had not missed a couple of exits that my GPS was ordering me to take, But I must say that Garmina does have a nice British accent, If I would have listened to her!, I did say I like listening to my tunes while driving and the car was kind of rockin’ out!

After unpacking the car I called Cyndi and she along with Jimmy and her son Eli drove over to the hotel and dropped off the smoker and some very nice gifts from local NC  product producers, but before looking at those we went to have a great dinner (just as much the company as the food) at Winks BBQ not too far from the Days Inn here in Salisbury.

I will review them more on my BBQ Blog when I get a chance to write that but as you can see above we had some great BBQ (I found out that I liked Fried Ocra! (did not even know what it was) and I found out that Hush Puppies actually do taste great and I do like them! (after a bad first impression of them back in Oshawa) Helps when they are fresh and not reheated from frozen Buster Rhino’s North Oshawa!

I also had Chopped Pork with a vinegar based sauce which was very good, the sauce is different from what I am used to in Canada but still tasty, though if I am totally honest I think I like the pulled Pork with ironically the Carolina Sour sauce with Slaw on top from Rubbs Barbecue better.

Cyndi’s family is not huge on slaw so when they asked for no slaw I kind of got the same treatment. I will say this though the portions served were more than enough for us all and we ordered the small plates!

After dinner Cyndi pointed out to me at the back of Winks that they are stick burners which means they cook using chunks of wood for fuel not gas, electric or charcoal. It made for a great flavour in the pork.

Jimmy then drove us around for a tour of Salisbury and by their recommendations I have Breakfast planned at another BBQ Joint that has a fantastic biscuits and gravy I am told. I also was shown the Catawba College that Cyndi teaches at and it is a beautiful campus for sure.

Back to the Days Inn and we Took promotion photos for the Smoker and exchanged some gifts from our local areas mostly BBQ Items but also some other local items that both of us will enjoy including sauces and rubs that we can review for our own blogs in the near future.

Cyndi was able to write a blog post within an hour and a half of leaving here on her Barbecue Master Blog.

I started to write but I was preoccupied with a Carolina Blonde!

I had better explain that lol, Cyndi gave me a six pack of a locally bottled beer that is called Carolina Blonde as pictured below and I must say that beer has a wonderful taste, and this is being said by someone who does not like american beer, but this rivals anything I get in Canada.

Well been a very long day I need some rest, I have been awake for over 24 hours now and I will be going to meet more BBQ peeps tomorrow at Lexington 1 BBQ and may also do some sight-seeing around town.

I have more pics that I wanted to add in this post but working on this little netbook is proving difficult, I will try more later on.