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53+183 – It has been a while since I wrote – so much has happened

So it has been almost 3 years since I have written…

Since then let’s see……

1. I Separated in July 2012

2. I moved out of my home in June 2013 to Brooklin

3. I moved to Kitchener in November 2013

4. I missed going on my annual Southern Expedition to Florida this year

5. Still driving my VW Jetta Wagon, now has 580,000 km on her but she is wearing out.

6. As of today still going through the Divorce process

7. Big day coming July 25th when I have first Case conference

8. Some other great things happened to me in the last year too, but more about that later.


Some pics from my time in Brooklin

IMG_4154 IMG_4128 IMG_4132 Brooklin Bash (4) Brooklin Bash (1)

I did go on one a trip which lasted only 56 hours and we drove from Kitchener to Wichita, KansasĀ  and back to pick up a BBQ (the one house behind the BBQ is my Kitchener Home

Turn and Burn (16) Turn and Burn (45) Turn and Burn (14) with hat Turn and Burn (0) Turn and Burn (47)


Anyways, I hope to not wait another 3 years to write again. I will try to keep you updated