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50+39 Halloween is around the corner a look back at my memories

Halloween is a day that every kid looks forward to once the Canadian Thanksgiving has past.

Growing up in Milton Ontario I can also remember some great times on that night.

My Grade 1&2 teacher in Bruce Street Public school was Mrs. Babcock It was a great old school that was torn down in 1973 to make room for the Milton Public Library.

Mrs. Babcocks class, I am top row center

Mrs. Babcock made the most wonderful homemade suckers ever! and we always made sure that we would stop by her house on Halloween. She was the greatest teacher I ever had, and would know her students even 10 years late.  A wonderful lady.

There was another house that the lady there would hand out cans of pop, and 3 or 4 of us would get together every year and we would knock on her door and get a pop say thanks, walk around the corner and pull another costume out of our bags and go back for a second can, and then we would mix & match our costumes and go for a third! And then go back to Mrs. Babcocks hose for more suckers.

Back then cans of pop were like hitting the mother load.

But for me Halloween was not always about candy for me.

For instance I remember one year in the early 70’s that there was a Leaf game on that night and I rushed home after a quick trick or treat around the block and watched the Leafs and North Stars tie 0-0 in a great game.

Do not ask me why I remember that of all things, maybe it is because in the 70’s a 0-0 tie was a very rare score for a hockey game.

Another year I went to a Hamilton Fincups Junior A hockey game which was one step below the pros.

Hamilton was  about a 45 minute drive, and I can not remember how I got there, maybe my sister drove me, as I know that my father would never of taken me since he hates sports with as much passion as I liked it!

I do know that it was an exciting trip for me, the Ficups only had a team for 4 years 74-77 I think and they wore sweaters similar to the Detroit Redwings.

And in 74 I took my 4 year old nephew Jason out for Halloween (I was 14 then) and first we went to the house across the street from me and took a pic of him with their kids (My nephew was a hobo holding the big pillow case front and center)

And then while out we met up with Lynda who at the time I must admit I had a huge crush on and we walked together while the younger kids did their thing., but alas the next year I moved away to Mississauga and was not able to continue the friendship. I have to say I was just a little heartbroken then.

You may think I took that picture in a grave yard but actually it is a store that sells gravestones.

Though the Milton Cemetery is also close to there  and as kids we always cut through the Cemetery to get to down town Milton faster from my house.

I had a Mustang bike similar to this

Also another year on Halloween we were riding our bikes through the Cemetery at night and when I stood up the banana seat came off my Mustang Bike (remember those?  and the bar on the back dragged on the ground which to me sounded like ghosts dragging chains on the gound do I peddled so fast to get out of there!. And it did not feel to good when I sat down either.