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50+146 I visited Mayberry aka Mount Airy North Carolina

After I left Salisbury, North Carolina Feb. 5th 2011 heading for home during my Southern Expedition I drove into the town of Mount Airy which most of you will not know but would know by the fictional town name of Mayberry which Andy Griffith made famous along with his TV son Opie played by Ron Howard and the great Don Knotts on the Andy Griffith Show that played on TV from 1960 to 1968 but still livesd on in re-runs.

Just outside of Mount Airy is Pilot Mtn which in the show was know as Mount Pilot.

As I drove through the town I noticed plenty of signs that reminded you of the show such as a car dealer called Mayberry Motors. I found a few of the buildings that were used in the show and are still preserved in that feel even with vehicals in front.

Coolio and the gang wanted me to stop and get their picture taken with Andy and Opie but I could not tell them they were just statues.


50+140 Last day on my Southern Expedition – Cheers!

Well today is the last day of my Southern Expedition where I not only spent ity time with my parents in North Fort Myers Florida but I also met some some wonderful people in the world of BBQ that I had spoken with on-line but now I can also say that I have met in person.

I write this from my hotel room at the Days Innn in Salisbury, North Carolina I have a 12 hour or so drive and then I will be home.

It was great to meet y’all @brownkw (Wayne Brown) @WhiskeyBentBBQ (Chad Ward)@HankBobBBQ (Aaron Smith) @SirPorkaLot (John Shepard) @Biggi6671 (Biggi Francis) @HogsGoneWildBBQ (Doug Francis) @BocaBBQ (Shawn Reagan) @StephieBaxter (Stepanie Baxter) @BaxtersOriginal (Michael Baxter) Sue Stilp and Cyndi Alisson. You have all shown such great Southern Hospitality and made my 2011 Florida vacation a memorable experienece. I am a lucky man to have such wonderful friends. This is my last day in the US, tonight I will be sleeping in my own bed once again. A toast to all of you with this symbolic bottle of Cheerwine!

50+134 What does a Library and McDonald’s have in common?

Both are used for me to use wifi Internet so that I can write my blogs and upload my photos.

Inside the public Library in North Fort Myers Florida with my netbook

Outside view of the same Library

I have been having a blast in Florida, I am doing a lot more than I had ever done in any previous trips, but the best for me has been meeting the people along the way.

Spent a lot of late night hours writing on Word pad on the netbook and then uploading the content to my blog when wifi was available. My parents are still on Dial-up so this is how it works.

Great deals on clothing down here I am now a Bealls Outlet One Card member and every Monday I get an addition 15% off as a Gasp! Seniors Discount…. 50+ qualifies for that in that store.

Though in my parents housing community I am still 5 years away from being able to own a home there.

Also found the Tanger Outlet Mall which is down by Fort Myers Beach and it has a Crocs outlet store. I never imagined that their were that many style those shoes.